Digital Healthy School Programme

Set up your academy platform and gain access to our animated videos, interactive lessons and challenges.
Share your success stories with parents, other schools and earn points to be crown Nutri Champions.

Nutri Academy Platform

Healthy Minds
The Academy Platform is your network to other schools. Share your success stories/news with parents and showcase your rewards and the active clubs you host at school.
Healthy Minds

Nutri Gear

Our character themed nutrition cards, printable resources and media help enrich and aid the learning experience.

Nutrition Cards

Healthy Minds

Each card...

  • Explains the nutritional value of various foods.
  • Engages children with nutrition-themed fantasy characters.
  • Keeps children active while they learn about different foods.
  • Resources and Display

    Healthy Bodies

    Your resource page will give you access to range of resources including:

  • Digital and printable prizes and rewards.
  • Posters and character information displays to transform your school.
  • Nutri Teams / House Teams

    Pupils in your school will be split into five Nutri Teams. Alternatively, your school can keep its existing house teams using a simple tool on the Academy platform. Teams collect points by completing challenges together. Each of the Nutri Teams is based on the food groups and Olympic values to ensure consistency and the delivery of clear messages.

    Dairy Defence

    Healthy Bodies
    Food Group: Dairy
    Olympic Value: Inspiration

    Carbo Carbs

    Healthy Bodies
    Food Group: Carbohydrates
    Olympic Value: Determination

    Fortified Fats

    Healthy Bodies
    Food Group: Protein
    Olympic Value: Peace, Love, Friendship

    Vital Vitamins

    Healthy Bodies
    Food Group: Protein
    Olympic Value: Respect & Equality

    Power Protein

    Healthy Minds
    Food Group: Protein
    Olympic Value: Bravery & Courage

    Nutri Challenges

    Our Nutri Challenges are interactive guides with videos and additional resources. You can reward your Nutri Teams for completing each challenge. We will reward your school for completing the Nutri Challenges we set. There are three types of challenges.
    Healthy Minds
    Home, School, Community Challenges
    The learning extends beyond the school gates. Engage parents and the community. Take on the challenges at home through recipes, activities within and outside school.
    Healthy Bodies
    PE Games & Nutrition Education Challenges
    Take on each of the other Nutri Teams in our mentor-guided PE games. Keep active, learn and play.
    Healthy Bodies
    Lesson Guides & National Curriculum Challenges.
    Take on the missions in Obi City and face each villain linked to different areas of the curriculum.

    Points & Scores

    Intra School Competition.
    Your access panel allows you to add the points of each team. Increase the awareness of sport within your school and promote competition by rewarding the Nutri Team with the most points
    Healthy Minds

    Nutri Champions Cup

    Healthy Minds
    Intra School Competition.
    Your access panel will allow you to add the points of each team. Increase the awareness of sport within the school and promote competition by awarding the Nutri Team with the most points

    Nutri Champions League

    Intra School Competition.
    Each time you share your success stories and complete our challenges we will award you points. The Academy with the most points at the end of the year is crowned Nutri League Champions. This unlocks a special visit from an Olympic athlete.
    Healthy Minds

    Healthy Heroes

    Healthy Minds
    By the end of the journey your Nutri Troops will have learnt about nutrition and the national curriculum and taken on challenges to better themselves and the people around them. If your school was awarded the Nutri Champions League Trophy – congratulations! If not, then don’t worry! The journey continues. Good luck and remember…
    Healthy Minds and Healthy Bodies make Healthy Heroes.
    Healthy Minds

    Become A Nutri Troop

    Take on the Grelins and become your school's Healthy Heroes

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    Clover Hill Primary School
    The lesson was really well presented and Peter completely engaged the children. The messages were clear and delivered in a fun way. The animation used to put the learning into the context of a story was excellent. The children loved it and the lesson covered several aspects of the curriculum. There was super work around team building, woring together and communication.

    Kells Lane Primary School
    This was a well organised programme and the children loved everything about it. Nutri Troops created a huge awareness of how healthy food can encourage healthy minds and healthy bodies.