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Welcome Nutri Troops to your Nutri Troops Headquarters. Also known as Nutri Troops HQ . Here you can stay up to date with all the healthy heroes activities in your school and in the world of the Nutri Troops.

Nutri Troops

Nutri Troops Home Page

Your Healthy School Website - Nutri Troops HQ
Nutri Games
See all the post in your Nutri Troops Academy.
Nutri Games
Stay up to date with your Team and Academy Points. See all the Achievement Badges you have unlocked

Story and Characters

Watch the animated adventure of the Nutri Troops against Obi Hazzard.
Nutri Games
Check out the characters and find out more about the subjects behind them.
Nutri Games
Check out what the characters can teach and what you can learn from their topics.
Nutri Games
Test your knowledge and might with a Nutri Challenge and earn points for your team and academy

Nutri Challenges

Feeling up for a challenge. Visit this page any time and ask your Nutri Mentor to activate the challenge for bonus points for your team and academy.

Nutri Feed

Stay up to date with your academy and other academies as they take you on in the Nutri Champions League. The academy with the most points wins.
Good luck and remember... Healthy Minds and Healthy Bodies make Healthy Heroes.